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We take care of your goods in a safe and professional manner.

The headquarter of via Ceresio in Lomazzo covers 8000 square meters, of which 4000 are covered and equipped with shelving units that can accommodate a diverse range of goods. The new branch of via Traversa has been opened in 2004 and acts as a modern logistics hub, with 6000 square meters of covered storage capabilities on a total surface of 12000 square meters.

23,000 m²
10,000 m²

ADR Protocol:
Safety eliminates danger.

Through the years, we have developed best practices in dealing with dangerous goods under ADRProtocol. Our hard earned know-how makes us one of the safest and most reliable partners in handling and warehousing of dangerous goods. Both our sites are equipped and certified to stock dangerous goods while safeguarding and respecting national regulations.

What makes us special

Innovative technologies and agile processes allow us to match every necessity our customers might face.

Absolute security

In order to securely store our customers’ goods, our branches are constantly monitored thanks to cameras linked to external private surveillance firms. These partners perform multiple night checks in both branches.


In both our branches the warehousing processes are managed thanks to a complex IT system, which is in charge of managing incoming and outgoing goods, complete or mixed cargo, outcome of deliveries, storage levels, vehicle status and all the related administrative procedures.

Loading and unloading

Thanks to 18 total loading docks, both branches can perform loading and unloading operations in a fast and efficient manner.

Packaging and picking

We can offer tailor-made services of reception, storage, order preparation, packaging, transport and delivery. We are 3PL operators that can support our customers in their efficient Supply Chain management.

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