When tradition meets technology


Almost 100 years of travel under the banner of tradition and technology.

We started with horse-drawn carriages and then, in the post-war period, we introduced the first motor vehicles. Since 1923 the Castelli brand has played an important role in the transport industry: starting from a local context, we innovated into what we can now define as a globally oriented company. The organization acquires its definitive layout in 1967 thanks to Livio Castelli: under his influence the company started building its foundation that made it what it is today. Livio passed down to his children the passion for this industry, and founded our historical headquarter in via Ceresio, which soon enough became the starting point of new challenges.

Starting from the ‘70s, our growth becomes constant and powerful. Livio’s children become the new generation heading the organisation and new project arise: we decide to adopt new technologies for loading and unloading cargo, undertake quality certifications, open the new branch of via Traversa, and continuously invest in our fleet and in the informatisation of our processes. Today Castelli Livio isa renowned player in the industry that proved itself able to win every challenge laid down by the market and competition, still valuing its client’s satisfaction in terms of quality, accuracy, competence, speed and professionalism.

Our facilities at your service

Both our branches work in synergy to offer the right service at the right time: our core activities such as mixed cargo and groupage are incremented by our new capabilities in terms of integrated logistics and shipping towards Greece.


Via ceresio, lomazzo

The headquarter of via Ceresio in Lomazzo spans 8000 square meters, of which 4000are covered and equipped with shelving units that can accommodate a diverse range of goods.

Logistics Hub

via della traversa, lomazzo

The new site covers a total surface of 12000 square meters, of which 6000 are dedicated to the warehouse, and has been built to become the company’s logistics hub, suitable for the storage and handling of every kind of goods.

Our customers

We are proud to have among our customers some of the most vital local enterprises, and we hope to keep growing together.

Our partners

Our success is a product of the long-standing collaboration with other industry leading companies.

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