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We move your goods around the world in a safe and fast manner.

Our proprietary fleet is made up of vans, trucks that can be 5, 7 or 9 meters long, with or without tail lift, and 13,60 meters long articulated lorries, both curtain sider and closed box. With this wide range of vehicles, we can meet every customer needs. We offer complete cargo and partial groupage guaranteeing maximum efficiency and ensuring deadlines are met. Urgent deliveries to be performed within the day or on a long range are not an obstacle for us, as we always maintain the highest level of service.

Thanks to constant innovation, our fleet can meet every demand of our clients. We stand out in the market because we are one of the few companies with certified compliance with ADR protocol both in terms of vehicles and personnel.

Discover our freight services

Road transport

We have a direct, fast and constant connection with every major Italian city and with the traditional European routes to ensure our clients reach their targets safely and in time.We also offer a special groupage service for Greece with double weekly departure towards Athens and Thessaloniki.

Sea transport

We are proud to have established a decade long cooperation with the major maritime players. Our clients can reach every market and benefit of our assistance in import and export paperwork. Thanks to this experience we meet the standards of the most demanding customers.

Air transport

Globalisation is not a threat anymore. Thanks to our connections we can reach in a few hours the designated destination. We can select the most appropriate carriers that allow our clients a smooth, fast and reliable shipping.

Customs paperwork

Thanks to our know-how we accumulated in so many years of service, we are now able to offer a wide range of consultancy services regarding customs paperwork and shipping formalities.

Tailor made processes

Our fleet can help you reduce the loading time thanks to our self loading trailers. We can bring our expertise in the loading station of our customers, cooperating in the design and implementation of automated systems, helping reduce time and costs.

ADR Protocol

Every vehicle is equipped to transport dangerous goods and each driver has been trained and certified to do so as well. Our office and warehouse personnel is also constantly trained to ensure a smooth and safe handling of dangerous goods.

A bridge to Greece


Thanks to our knowledge of Greece we are the ideal partner to develop contacts and business that can promote mutual growth within the Greek market.

Our fleet reaches Athens and Thessaloniki from Venice, Ancona, Bari and Brindisi and can deliver its services with safety, punctuality and reliability. Thanks to our longstanding experience we can support our customers in making business in Greece, a land which is so close but at the same time so different from ours.

What makes us special

The same level of care we offer to our clients, we also pay it to our vehicles.

Internal repair

Beside our collaboration with external certified repair shops, we offer daily maintenance to our fleet in order to have efficient vehicles, always.

Internal washing

Our latest generation washing station, with low energy consumption and water recycling system, helps us keep the fleet in pristine conditions.

GPS and

Modern GPS equipment installed on every vehicle guarantee transparency and traceability of our client’s goods during every route.

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